COVID-19 Rules may vary from the information below,
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COVID-19 specific information and rules.

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How much time should I book?

The minimum time you can book a simulator for is 30 minutes and the max amount of time is 4 hours. If you realize you need more time, you can extend your booking if no one has booked the simulator after you.

Typically we recommend between 1-1.5 hours per person depending on a few factors:

  • Experience level
  • Playing for fun or working on your technique
  • Transition time between players and/or socialization
  • Warm up time (be sure to book enough time to include warming up)

How do I cancel my appointment?

There is no cancellation fee, but please be sure to call and cancel your reservation if you know you can’t make it. No one likes to be stood up. 

Call/text (952) 465-6267‬ or email to cancel your reservation.

Do I need to bring my own clubs?

You’re obviously welcome to bring your own clubs, but we do have right-hand clubs for rent for a $12 flat rate.

Can I bring in my own food and drinks?

Non-alcoholic drinks are allowed. No outside food, please. However, cake (for celebrations) is ok.

Golf marks

Please make sure not to draw on your golf balls with sharpie – it gets on the screens when the ball hits it.

Age Requirements

There is no minimum age for players and we do allow minors here without parents. However, we do ask that unaccompanied minors remain respectful of our space and equipment. Please don’t give us a reason to tattle on you to your parents.